Allen Black's Brassavola & Other Orchids

I’m a hobbyist (i.e., non-commercial), novelty orchid breeder.
Many of the orchids shown here are from my breeding efforts.

I do talks for orchid societies.
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Otaara Crazy World  (Brassavola Yaki X Otaara Ernest Sombach) BC. Mikayla Black  (Cattleya mossiae X Brassavola nodosa) BL. Tranquility (Laelia lobata X Brassavola David Sander)
BLC. Pug Wisdom (Brassavola Yaki X BLC. Lelia's Wedding) Bepi. Joy Black (Brassavola cucullata X Epidendrum mariae) Brassavola Yaki 'Black's Best' (Brassavola nodosa X Brassavola cucullata)
Brassavola Yaki 'Black's Nova' HCC/AOS (Brassavola nodosa X Brassavola cucullata) BLC. Juanita Coleman (LC. Madame DuBarry X Brassavola cucullata) Otaara Automagically (Otaara Ernest Sombach x Brassavola cucullata)
BLC. Psychedelic Sixties (BLC. Copper Queen X Brassavola perrinii) BLC. Henry Ford Baber (Brassavola nodosa X BLC. Goldenzelle) BLC. Robert Woehrle (Brassavola Yaki X Cattleya maxima)
BLC. Robert Dodson (Brassavola Yaki X BLC. Murray Spencer) BL. Debby Sauer 'Joy Black' HCC/AOS (Brassavola nodosa X Laelia Rubin) BL. Debby Sauer 'David Sauer' HCC/AOS (Brassavola nodosa X Laelia Rubin)
BL. Debby Sauer 'Black's Bicolor' HCC/AOS (Brassavola nodosa X Laelia Rubin) BC. Mary Dodson (Brassavola nodosa X Cattleya schilleriana) BL. Sarah Black (Brassavola nodosa X Laelia lundii)
BLC. Healing Touch (Brassavola nodosa X BLC. Fordyce Fantasy) Brassavola George Tyler 'Layla Black' HCC/AOS (Brassavola flagellaris X Brassavola cucullata) BC. Virginia Earthquake (Brassavola nodosa X Laelia Latona)
BLC. Climatic Confusion (BL. Debby Sauer X Brassavola glauca) BC. Nakornpathome Silver ‘Joy Black’ AM/AOS (BC. Binosa X  Brassavola nodosa) BLC. Market Crash (Brassavola Little Stars X BLC. Murray Spencer)
Cattleya loddigesii 'Puggy Black' AM/AOS BC. Political Spin Dizzy (Brassvola Yaki  x  C. loddigesii) BC. North Miami (Brassavola nodosa X Cattleya loddigesii)
Brassavola cucullata 'Golden' Prosavola Best Pug Ever (Brassavola Yaki X Prosthechea prismatocarpa) Rhynchodendrum (syn. Bepi.) Wild Imagination (Epidendrum criniferum X Rhyncholaelia digbyana)
Bepi. Otis Tyler (Epidendrum criniferum X Brassavola cucullata) Brassavola David Sander ‘Carney’ HCC/AOS  (B. cucullata X B. digbyana) Bardendrum Wild Thing (Epidendrum criniferum X Barkeria lindleyana)
BC. Crazyulosa (Cattleya granulosa X Brassavola cucullata) BLC. Green Node (Brassavola nodosa x BLC. Ruben's Verde) BLC. Hawaii Stars ‘Joy Black’ HCC/AOS  (B. Little Stars ‘Paradise’  X  LC. Memoria Robert Strait)
Marriottara (BLC) Pug Charisma (BLC. Haw Yuan X Brassavola cucullata) BC. Fay Tyler (Brassavola nodosa X Cattleya fournieri) BLC. Moonwalk Magic (BLC. Everything Nice X Brassavola cucullata)
Brassokeria Derwood Black (Brassavola nodosa X Barkeria uniflora) Brassokeria Pap Charles Dodson (Brassavola nodosa X Barkeria scandens) Brassokeria Contentment (Barkeria lindleyana X Brassavola cucullata)
Brassokeria Hedva Pener  (Brassvola nodosa X Barkeria skinneri) Brassokeria Mayan Spirit (Brassavola nodosa X Barkeria melanocaulum) Brassokeria Rosyleen  (Barkeria lindleyana X  B. nodosa)
Brassavola nodosa 'Off The Wall' Brassavola perrinii Brassavola Maria del Carmen  (B. flagellaris X B. nodosa)
Brassvola subulifolia (syn. cordata) Prosavola Nodoprismo (Brassavola nodosa X Prosthechea prismocarpa) Rolfeara (Pot) Guitar Starburst (Brassavola Little Stars X SLC. Seagulls Apricot)